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You have a teacher who assigned an essay to write. Does this simple idea of putting pen to paper – or hands to the keyboard – send shivers down your back? Essay writing can be an intimidating task for even college students.

It is evident, that the very first thing the students should remember before writing the essay is the topic. Essay writing is not just about writing skills, but it proves the ability of the student to explore and research new topics too. An essay is not authentic without some research. If the topic hasn’t been predefined, it is always best to choose one that you understand easily and one that has good research potential.
There are several types in which an essay can be framed. They can be:

Narrative – this essay tells a story

Expository – presents arguments after investigation and evaluation of evidence.

Argumentative – this presents arguments from both sides of a debate

Persuasive – uses logic and reason to show that one argument has more credibility than the other.

Comparative – compares and contrasts two ideas or subjects to explain similarities or differences.

Literary – examines or evaluates a literary piece of work

Defining what kind of essay you want to write is an important step because that is what determines how you will frame the entire piece of work. The typical essay contains several components that make it interesting to read. Introduction, arguments, analytics, counterarguments, and conclusions are some essential components that remain constant throughout your academic essay writing career, irrespective of the type.

Essay writing, even professional essay writing is not a difficult task as long as you know the fundamental rules. Knowing these rules might still not be enough. A poor grasp of language, lack of proper knowledge, shortage of time or just a lack of interest can prevent you from writing an excellent essay. The simple thing to do in that case would be to seek professional essay writers that can do the job for you. An online essay writing service like http://www.smartpapers247.comessay would be perfect to buy essays online in case you’re unable to write one yourself! After all, writing an essay should not be something that sends you shivering in your boots!

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