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Smartpapers 247 features several college-level professors who have retired and begun writing for our thesis writing services. This ensures thesis professionalism and your grades!

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Fast-Track Your Thesis

Smartpapers 247 has provided our clients with the ability to fast-track their academic writing to less than 24-hours. Simply adjust the settings in the cost calculator to fast track your thesis completion time.

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Give your college career the competitive boost it needs with an academic aid. Smartpapers 247 will write your thesis and so much more, all while you concentrate on what matters most to you.

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When it comes to writing a thesis, one can consider themselves as somewhat of a member of a jury. You have not been convinced as yet, but you are interested to know how you might be. – Harvard College Writing Centre

Smartpapers 247 features a range of Thesis writers who are professionally qualified to provide you with a custom thesis writing service. To show you just how serious we are about what we do, we have provided a thesis statement structure below. This is not to scare you away from writing your thesis, but to help you write it. It may help you acknowledge that you may just need thesis essay writing help, this is nothing to be ashamed about, and it is the reason Smartpapers 247 is here for you.

How to write the perfect thesis?

A great thesis begins with a great thesis statement. You will have to analyse your primary source of information, understand and construct a thesis statement from the thesis question. Remember that the best thing you can do when answering a thesis question is to start by simply answering it. You will, however, have to have all of the knowledge behind the topic to answer correctly. This is the best way to create your thesis statement.

Below is an example which will be used to uncover how a great thesis statement is written. This example uses a book by the name of

“The Scarlet Letter”.


Thesis Question – 

What role does the Scarlet Letter “A” Play in Hawthorn’s Novel, and why is it important?

Preliminary Thesis –

In the Scarlet Letter, the letter “A” is a symbol.

Looking at the example, remember that there is a second part of this thesis question which is crucial. At this point in writing your statement, it is a good time to look back at your notes on the subject matter and decide what the second part of the thesis question is referring to. In this case “why the “A” is important?”.

Now that you have understood the second part of the question, you may revise your thesis statement to further align with the question.


Thesis Question – 

What role does the Scarlet Letter “A” Play in Hawthorn’s Novel, and why is it important?

Revised Thesis –

In the Scarlet Letter, the letter “A” is a symbol; it actually helps define Hester’s Identity.

Remember at this point that your statement needs to send the reader into the thesis not just knowing ‘what you’re going to write about’ but ‘how you’re going to make your case. This is where you will need to provide examples to improve your statement. You need will need to refer back to your notes on the subject to understand what points will help you make your case.

In the case of “The Scarlet Letter”:

Thesis Question – 

What role does the Scarlet Letter “A” Play in Hawthorn’s Novel, and why is it important?

Throughout the novel, The Scarlet Letter “A” changes to mean 3 things.

  • It Defines Hester as an “adulteress”

  • Later it shows how “able” Hester is

  • And finally, it comes to stand for “angel” as Hester takes control of her identity.

With these points, you will be able to further revise your thesis statement.


Thesis Question – 

What role does the Scarlet Letter “A” Play in Hawthorn’s Novel, and why is it important?

Finalise Thesis –

In the Scarlet Letter, the letter “A” is a symbol; it actually helps define Hester’s Identity, transforming her from an “adulteress” to a woman who is “able”, and finally into an “angel”.

This is a great Thesis statement and you would do well to use it, however when revising your statement, remember that there is always room for improvement. This is an opportunity to expand your statement into something more creative or even profound.

Allow our writers to create your incredible thesis statement by using this winning Thesis formula. This alone can be an intimidating part of writing any thesis, as it is such a backbone for the rest of it. A thesis statement will correctly align the academic writing and is a task for which you can rely on Smartpapers 247 to provide you with the best Thesis writing help.

How to improve your Thesis?

Use your discretion when creating your thesis, from the introduction to the body of the piece; be sure to think carefully on where you place your thesis statement. This is a pinnacle point in a thesis and is best presented within the first one to two paragraphs of the piece.  

Can Smartpapers 247 write my thesis?

The Smartpapers 247 team has been at the forefront of the online custom thesis writing service. We are a dedicated administration and management team with a range of professional writers.

Our writing team is over 2000+ professional writers strong and features highly qualified individuals, which range from undergraduates to professors. Smartpapers 247 essay writers are well vetted before they begin their writing careers with Smartpapers 247. Our writer’s minimum educational requirements are an undergraduate degree, and this ensures that all of them are qualified enough to write academically. We have insisted on a higher qualification for our thesis writers, as this academic writing piece requires a higher understanding of the academic text.

So to answer your question plainly, Yes! You can rest easy knowing that your thesis writing is in safe hands. Our writers are deadline-driven and will even “fast-track” your work if that’s what you need.

How can Smartpapers 247 ensure the quality of my thesis?

As we have been in the writing industry for some time. There are many key elements, which we had to resolve almost immediately. One of the first was the quality of the papers we were able to provide our customers.

Providing an excellent writing service means being able to provide our customers with the best original papers, and this meant having access to the best resources. Smartpapers 247 has since taken the initiative to provide access to multiple online academic resources for our writers. These sources are all professional and paid for. Our thesis writers can reference their work professionally and thus your thesis quality is improved exponentially.

This sets us apart from other online writing services that refuse to provide access to professional information to their writers. Our clients appreciate this professionalism and love our service because of it.

What is the Smartpapers 247thesis writing process?

thesis essay writing help is simple with Smartpapers 247.

  • Simply use our cost calculatorto find out how much your thesis writing will cost.

  • Make Payment for your thesis writing.

  • Smartpapers 247 will assign you a qualified writer.

  • Liaise with your writer directly using the Smartpapers 247 platform.

  • We finalise and Deliver your final thesis.

It is that simple to complete your thesis with Smartpapers 247. We have provided you with direct access to your writer for quick amendments and you will be able to make further changes up to 10 days after a final version has been delivered.

This is just one more way that Smartpapers 247 aims to satisfy our customers.

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